Industries We Serve

Fixall Electric Motor Service provides quality electric motor repair and replacement for a wide variety of industries.

From industrial to commercial to residential applications, Fixall brings nearly 67 years of experience and a strong commitment to quality and value to every repair, sale or service of countless types of electric motors.

Our technicians expertly service electric motors in most industries, including:


Split-phase motors, Cap start induction run, Resistance start cap induction motors, Permanent split capacitors, Cap start cap run, Three phase motors

Printing & Textiles

Permanent magnet motors, PG step motors, Brushless motors, Blowers, Fans

Golf Courses & Irrigation

Pumping systems, Displacement pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Submersible pumps, Turbines and jet pumps, Booster pumps


Universal motors, DC motors, Permanent magnet motors, Synchronous motors, Induction motors, Power saws, Table-mounted saws, Masonry saws


Brushless DC motors, Fans, Hoists

Contractors & Builders

Power tools, Table-mounted saws, Power saws

Government & Educational

Pumping systems, Fans, HVAC motors

For more information about the industries we serve for electric motor repair, sales and service, please contact us here or call the shop at 616.454.6863.