Avoiding Electric Motor Repair Injuries At Home

Avoiding Electric Motor Repair Injuries At Home

Although you rarely think about them, electric motors throughout your home run nonstop every day without you even noticing — until they stop working that is. When the motor in your furnace, air conditioner, ceiling fan, pool or hot tub stops running, what should you do?

If you plan to repair it yourself, you must be aware of the numerous hazards involved from shocks, burns and even electrocution from working on energized electrical circuits.

While some of these safety tips may seem like common sense, it is important to know how to protect yourself from the risks involved with repairing electrical currents.

  1. Water and electricity do not mix, so make sure your hands are dry from water or perspiration. Moisture increases the conductivity of electrical currents, so use extra caution near your pool or hot tub motors. This also includes condensation such as that found in particularly cold rooms.
  2. Always disconnect the power source before handling or repairing a motor. And even then, always treat electrical devices as though they are energized. Energized electricity should only be handled by experts using non conductive gloves, protective clothing, and shoes with insulated soles.
  3. Never handle electrical devices such as motors with anything metallic or conductive. Always use tools with non-conductive handles, non-metal ladders, and never wear metal rings, watches, or use metallic pencils or rulers around live electricity.

These are the basics to be cautious of when working with an electric motor. However, it is best to  leave the repair of electrical equipment to those who are qualified and certified.

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