Grand Rapids Electric Motor Repair Services

With over 100 years of combined experience, the electric motor repair specialists at Fixall Electric Motor Service bring their knowledge and expertise to every electric motor repair — from the smallest residential pool pump to the largest industrial hoist.

Whether you need electric motor repair for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, Fixall Electric has the experience to expertly maintain, rebuild, repair, or rewind most motors. Our technicians can also help you determine whether a repair or replacement will be the most cost effective option, because often replacing an old unit for a quality new one can be more budget-friendly in the long run because of the energy and productivity saved.

We can rebuild, repair, or rewind a variety of electric motors, including three phase, single phase, D.C. motors, foreign motors, slip ring motors, servo motors, eddy current drives, variable speed, press motors, brake motors, gear motors, electric hoists, generators, battery chargers, power tools, air compressor motors, and blowers.

We also have expertise in a variety of pumps, including shallow and deep well, irrigation, swimming pool/spa, condensate, hot water circulation, dewatering, sump pumps, effluent, and sewage lift.

Fixall Electric offers numerous repair services, including:

  • Grand Rapids Small Electric Motor Repair
  • Grand Rapids Residential Electric Motor Repair
  • Grand Rapids Commercial Electric Motor Repair
  • Grand Rapids Specialty Electric Motor Repair
  • Grand Rapids Electric Motor Rewinding
  • Grand Rapids Electric Motor Service

Fixall repairs a wide variety of brands, including Fasco, U.S., Century and Marathon motors and Myers, Peabody Barnes, Sta-rite, Teel, Smith and Loveless, ABS and Hydromatic pumps.

For more information about electric motor repair from the experts at Fixall Electric Motor Service, please contact us here or call the shop directly at 616.454.6863.