Avoid Electric Motor Failure

Avoid Electric Motor Failure

Electric motors need routine care and maintenance to ensure effectiveness and longevity. Even though most electric motors will eventually give out, you can minimize the chance of electric motor failure by periodically checking for signs of upcoming trouble.

Like any piece of equipment, electric motors give warnings when they need to be repaired or replaced. A dying electric motor sends signals that help you resolve the problem immediately or plan ahead for replacement.

Warnings of upcoming electric motor failure include:

  • Excessive Vibration: Excessive vibration is the most common sign of impending electric motor failure. If the motor is overloaded with activity, it may start to vibrate excessively. Shaking causes other parts to come loose and results in major motor damage.


  • Dirt Build-Up: Dirt in the housing openings or other parts causes the motor to run less effectively and traps excess heat. If dirt continues to build up in the motor, the motor will eventually stop running. Clean your electric motor regularly to decrease the chance of electric motor failure.



  • Overheating: If you see burnt paint, smell burning, or notice that the motor runs hotter than usual, the motor could be overheating. Severe overheating causes damage and could destroy the motor.



  • Extra Energy Drain: Equipment containing electric motors which drain more energy than usual work harder to run properly. Faster energy drain signals wear down of components and upcoming repair needs.


Being warned of electric motor failure saves you time and helps you prepare for your next steps of resolving, repairing or rebuying. Check for these signs and act accordingly when you’re worried about electric motor failure.

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